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Moving on...

2008-12-23 20:17:09 by SpamtheHobbit

First i'm leaving Travian for goood YAY (cus like most online games they take all my spare time and give nothing back)

Second, i really want to plan some ideas out for Flash work

Thirdly, I must learn how to work Fl Better, i mean all my work has been on audacity (which won't export Mp3! Arhhhh)

4thi will be planning my own ART thread Titled 'Spam's Cartoon Corner' And plan to upload all my random stuff. One a Day ^_^

Everyone hav a safe Christmas

Now 4 'HelthRMX' and his 'News Entry 2' here is some of my work that could help you out with your logo ^_^ All started from scratch

Moving on...


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2008-12-24 20:09:05

Some of those pictures you made look pretty cool :-)
I really hope you'll be making songs with FL, because maybe we can make a song together :P
btw, how far are you with that flash you're working on? I'm so curious XD


(Updated ) SpamtheHobbit responds:

LOL that sounds mint would so like to get more musical.
Would hav finished it Christmas eve, but family band internet till today -_-
But like as soon as i shoped in the sales i'll be strait on with it! Lets hope for tomorrow ^_^