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Entry #7

Back, at last.

2009-04-17 15:43:46 by SpamtheHobbit

I had plans and a lot of them failed.
But now I have to many ideas and far to much free time ;)

I'm glad I'm thinking creative again.

And I just want to add that I'm giving things another shot
Bang and the dirt is gone ^^

Back, at last.


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2009-04-18 10:31:50

It's good to have you back :-)

SpamtheHobbit responds:

LoL well i'll see :)


2009-09-17 08:00:13

Hmm, guess you're not back after all. I mean, this is posted on the 17th of April and it's the 17th of September now. Time goes by so fast :P
Anyway, let me know when your back again.


2010-07-23 07:07:03

I still check your page from time to time, to see if you're back :p


2010-07-23 07:07:37

Oh and btw, i was 'MH16', but changed my name.


2011-08-16 12:23:32

I wonder where you are. What you're doing.
Not in a creepy way :p


2011-12-01 20:05:15

Every once in a while, i go listening to my old songs..
A lot of them have reviews written by you. And i end up clicking your name to see if, maybe, you're back or payed a visit to your good old NG-account.
Anyway, i hope you're doing well.. where ever you are.


2013-07-29 09:21:41

Went through old songs again.. ended up here again.. leaving a comment.. again..